Friday, July 28, 2017

FairyLoot July Unboxing: Tricksters

I have a feeling I can trick you into looking at a new FairyLoot unboxing!

After storming into your houses with my June unboxing, I didn't hide the fact I was already a bit overexcited for the one I would receive this month. Well, the excitement is still there, even a few days after opening the box! It might be for some new unexpected items, or for the book—aww, the book!!—either way I feel pretty good and I hope you guys will enjoy what I'm about to show you with this month's theme: TRICKSTERS.

I promise your mind is not playing tricks on you, what you see it's all true . . .

by Fictiontea Designs

Have I ever mentioned I love mugs? Well, I do and this one is my very first tin one! Kinda perfect for someone who lives in UK, isn't it? Of course, I believe every Sherlock fan, no matter where they live, agrees this is quite a unique and cool item to possess. Now, as soon as I finish this post, you all know where I need to go ;)

by Geeky Clean

Is it possible there's not a single time I don't end up loving a Geeky Clean product? Nope! I'm telling you, rubbing the essence of trickster on your body makes you feel good, and it has nothing to do with thinking about Loki. Not entirely at least. Just a bit, really . . . Come on, it's a bonus!

Officially Licensed Harry Potter Merchandise

Not the first time I say this, but I'm not into Harry Potter like most of you—don't Avada Kedavra me—and yet, I'm not even going to pretend this item isn't freaking amazing! In all honesty, it's the best deck of cards I have ever had and/or saw around. Well played, FairyLoot, well played!

by FairyLoot

Considering I've been spending quite the time in the kitchen lately, this is simply perfect! It's gorgeously designed with a nice gold colour that stands out, it's soft inside and, well, very handful. Anyone fancy a nice dinner complemented by a free fortune and palm reading?

by Miss Phi

Don't ask me why, but my mind was expecting something different to accompany the Harley Quinn feature. However, I'm the first to admit the print looks lovely and the quote is nothing but inspirational, is it not? Also, I have a thing for the colours used, how unbelievably crazy is that? :P

by Lexy Olivia

Second time I get a bookmark designed by this girl, and I still really love the texture used. My best friend got a box as well this month, so I borrowed her bookmark to show you guys both front and back. Do you like what you see? I personally particularly like the feather on the back!

by Amanda Foody

Regular readers of my blog can totally picture me smiling BIG TIME when this book came out of the box because they know I was SO waiting for this title!! Another great thing about it? We got the US version, hence the cover I had my eyes on <3  I'm soooo happy, and also grateful for the signed bookplate and the author letter!


Gina at Behind the Pages has proved to create some lovely inspirational products in the past, so a discount is very welcomed for when I'm going to need a new fictional boyfriend fragrance!

And this is how FairyLoot managed to make my month once more!

Shockingly enough—I actually shocked myself—I'm stepping back from the next box . . . Is this the end? No one believes it for a sec, hehe. While you wait for more, have a pick at next month's theme: OTHERWORLDS!

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